Thursday, 30 May 2013

Week 1: An Accident Prone Summer - A Tale of Two Men

An Accident Prone Summer - A Tale of Two Men

“Still, they got you out of trouble, the old crank handle,” the old man said, his voice quivering. “These new fangled businesses are not nearly as reliable. Still, I always cranked my car in my day.” He wriggled his eyebrows to emphasise his point and shifted in his seat, the hard wood painful on his ageing bones. His breathing was somewhat laboured. It was this damn weather, you see. Hot one minute, cold the next - unexpected for so late in the Summer. He would breathe easier if the weather would only make up its mind. His companion studied his slouched body and tried to ignore the worry for his friend that was gnawing deep down inside.

“Did I tell you about my fall, Bertie?” asked the old man’s companion, trying to sound cheerful. When Bertie didn’t respond, he continued. “Yesterdie morning I was putting my slippers on. I was focussing so hard on what I was doing, I forgot not to fall!” Bertie wriggled his eyebrows again, amused now. His friend, Art, continued. “The annoying thing was, I grabbed a pot plant on the way down. Dirt everywhere!” Art flung his arms out, flapping them around to demonstrate the fall. Bertie let out a bark of laughter, but instantly stopped himself, satisfying himself with a low chuckle. Best not to get too carried away - it’s this damn humid weather, you see. Clogs the lungs.

“But are you alright now, Artie-boy?”

“Oh, yeah, but I’ll be a bit stiff for a few days.”
Later that day, as Bertie shuffled into his kitchen , he started laughing. “Dirt everywhere, hey Art? You old fool.” He switched the kettle on, still laughing.

- written by Ash Oldfield 2013

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